Officially registered under the name of "Geneva Consulting & Management S.A." - with its headquarters in Geneva/Switzerland - our Group is an alliance of independent consulting firms located all over the World. The owners and senior consultants of those firms are partners with equal rights and duties as well as exclusive shareholders of "Geneva Consulting & Management S.A.".

All partner firms do appear in the market under the common Corporate Identity of "Geneva Consulting & Management Group" in conjunction with our logo representing the "jet d'eau" (fountain located at the entrance of the port of Geneva) and the "Salève" (mountain overlooking Geneva).

The Geneva Consulting & Management Group is the result of a combination of several groups of consultants from different countries, all with a background in high level executive functions through a variety of disciplines:

  • Finance
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Dataprocessing
  • Research
  • Development
    The convergence of these highly qualified individuals provides an unprecedented pool of intellectual and managerial resources.

The Geneva Consulting & Management Group offers an exceptional pool of managerial talent and experience to extend temporarily the capabilities of business enterprises to meet unusual challenges.

Mission …


We tailor our approach, the composition of our consultancy team and the methods of our analysts to the engagement that we are asked to compete. This theme remains constant whether the goal is long term contribution or emergency action, strategic study to instant turnaround. Our basic philosophy is to remain pragmatic in all cases.


Our team always includes an expert from the industry in which we have been asked to operate, and we strive to build a close relationship with the existing management. We insist on multidisciplinary teams in order to ensure that no potential impact of a problem is left unconsidered.


Regular progress reports are provided for clients. The pool of resources available to the client is much greater than the one reflected by the team, which is managing the project. Advice on specific issues is also provided by other members of the Geneva Consulting & Management Group or, if more specialist knowledge is required, outside experts will be consulted. A partner of the Geneva Consulting & Management Group will always be personally responsible for any engagement until that engagement reaches completion and the goals are achieved.

The rules and codes of professional conduct and discretion are avidly adhered to by all our executives.

Our strength consists in achieving cultural diversity

Our strength consists in achieving cultural diversity When dealing with our engagements we do our best to honour existing differences in mentality whilst emphasizing what we have in common.


Location Headquarters GC&M S.A. …

Headquarters GC&M S.A.

Our headquarters are located at the center of Geneva.

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