Each Specific Case Is Treated Individually

Experience has convinced us that no single theoretical or analytical method can be applied uniformly within a company to supply ready-made solutions to every problem.

  • Each company boasts its unique structure and history requiring a specific approach to take due consideration of its products, geographical location, corporate culture and competitive environment. In order to make an effective contribution, professional consultants must be sensitive to the effect of this combination of factors that constitutes the essential nature of the company: a sensitivity that comes only with a free thinking style based on extensive operational experience.
  • This ensures that each specific case is treated individually by selecting the methodology and management approach most appropriate to the particular problems faced.
  • When called upon, the Geneva Consulting & Management Group has the ability to make an effective contribution every time a company encounters a situation or combination of events which would overstretch the normal management’s and shareholders’ capacity such as to:

    • Adapt a new and dynamic phase of growth through diversification, merger or partnership with another company. International expansion or a complete organizational restructuring.
    • Counter the threat of a new competition attaching an existing marketplace or the challenge from technological developments.
    • Underpin the future success of a company with through preparation for the transitional phases at both shareholder and management levels that occasionally affect every business such as the influx of new capital or a stock market listing.