The broad scope of competence in our Group enables us to offer a complete range of services:

Assessment of Projects and Companies

Our conclusions are based on an "operational audit" carried our by a multidisciplinary team. They make it possible to check consequences before an accusation or a sellout, or before a marked recasting of policies and organization.

Definition of Strategic Guidelines and Assistance in their Implementation

In order to ensure the strategic guidelines may be immediately and effectively converted into action, our experts work on three distinct levels:

The basic strategic choices

  • Range of business activities and geographical coverage.
  • Positioning required within a marketplace:
    - Leadership or limitation to market "niches"
    - Quality/price ration for target clientele
    - Independence or search for partners.

Definition of resources required:

  • Marketing distribution and advertising polices.
  • Major industrial choices involving subcontracting robotization, decentralization or even transfer of plants abroad.
  • Planning of human resources.
  • Financial resources and capital structure.
  • Integrated solutions for information and communication systems.

Assistance in implementing agreed action plans

  • Coordination of middle and long term planning activities targeted to convert basic policy decisions into precise quantitative goals for each sector of the company.
  • Design and supervision of training and motivation programmes.
  • Assumption of responsibility for contact and negotiation with outside partners.

Crisis Management

In cases involving serious and immediate threats of problems:
  • Development of emergency measures to remedy the most threatening deficiencies.
  • Creation of "runaround" plans along with blueprint for strategic redeployment.
  • If required, the assumption of responsibility for implementing the plan within the framework of an agreed management contract.

Management Contracts

In order to overcome an exceptional crisis situation or to assist in the management of transitional phases, especially a change in ownership, any of the partners within the group can assume temporary responsibility for managing the company or one of its major functions.

During the initial phases of a project in a specific region, the Geneva Consulting & Management Group may be able to provide a team of highly qualified executives, thoroughly conversant with local conditions. Such an interim Management Committee, essentially overqualified for normal circumstances will gain time and provide to the investor the highest chance of success. In parallel the Geneva Consulting & Management Group team would select and gain the future management teams and manage the transfer of responsibility to them.

The Geneva Consulting & Management Group offers a complete range of services to business enterprises requiring short or longer term help.